Not the most humble description, but a decade of trial and error followed by tough, real life testing makes us pretty convinced that it is indeed the perfect hay net.

The hay net is 100% synthetic, the seams, drawstring, and thread are all made with outdoor grade nylon that will not rot or mildew. The netting itself is made with woven, knotless polyester – making the net very soft and non abrasive, without sacrificing strength or durability and will encourage the horse to use its muzzle the way they eat in the wild. This net is moisture safe and UV resistant – it can spend all day, all year outdoors and is ideal for soaking hay.

The Perfect Hay Net comes in two mesh opening sizes; ⅞” (red seam) and 1⅛” (green seam). The ⅞” mesh will slow down even the most efficient eating machines and the 1⅛” mesh will offer a slightly easier access for less “hangry” horses.

The most amazing part is the closing mechanism. The drawstring cord is hidden inside one of the fabric seams when the net opening is closed. It pulls out when you open the net to fill it, and the seam folds up like an accordion as the net opening is stretched wide. This makes the net much faster and easier to open and close and safer for the horse as there is no cord to get tangled in. No need to tie long daisy chains or tuck the string inside the net, just cinch the opening shut, pull the cord stopper tight and straighten the seam to hide the cord.

Use and Care

We do not recommend hanging the net as that defeats the purpose as a ground level feeder and will shorten the life of the net. When hung off the ground the mesh pattern tightens, effectively shrinking the mesh openings and possibly leading to more frustration for the horse. We want them to muzzle through a loose hay net to pull strands of hay out of the net, not biting or tugging at the net. Always monitor how your horse behaves with its hay net and keep an eye open for signs of frustration.

If you need to anchor the net to keep it in a specific spot we recommend that you clip it at ground level so the netting can still rest on flat ground. If your ground is not suited for eating directly on (like mud or sand) we recommend that you anchor the net at ground level and put a rubber stall mat down where the net will lay.

If your horse is shod we recommend that you clip the net inside a water trough to prevent the net catching if they paw at it.

The nets are machine washable, but skip any scented detergent as your horse will probably not agree with your choice of fragrance. Use a short, cold cycle and hang to dry, or put to use immediately as they work fine when wet. Or, you know, you can also just soak it in a bucket. We recommend inspecting your hay nets often!

*Disclaimer; please do not wash your hay nets in your household clothes washer unless all members of the household agree to this practice, no one wants hay bits in their underwear…

The Perfect Hay Net

Non-Profit Organizations please call for pricing.

1 Hay Net: $60 each
2-5 Hay Nets: $55 each
6-20 Hay Nets: $53 each
Larger Orders Over 20: Please call for pricing

* Discounted Pricing Reflected In Cart

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