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Our feeding solutions are the results of a decade plus of human invention – put to the test by equine resourcefulness and occasional brute force.

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We are excited to share our amazing horse feeding solutions with you! 

We have spent more than a decade researching the right materials and improving the design to make our nets convenient and reliable. Our products are the result of a contest of wills between human invention and equine hunger. We are incredibly grateful to all the people and horses who helped us by testing the nets and assisting us in the quest for perfection through their feedback.

Our mission is to produce slow feeding hay nets and automatic hay feeders that make life easier for humans and healthier for horses. Our products emulate a natural grazing environment as closely as possible, even in a boarding or self-care situation.

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The Perfect Hay Net

The Perfect Hay Net comes in two mesh opening sizes; ⅞” (red seam) and 1⅛” (green seam). The ⅞” mesh will slow down even the most efficient eating machines and the 1⅛” mesh will offer a slightly easier access for less “hangry” horses.

How to Load the Perfect Hay Net

Client Testimonials

“These hay bags are fantastic! I have used many different types over the years and these are by far the best. Easy to load, lightweight, soft, but very durable netting material. It’s also hard to find bags that fully close, have small enough holes to be effective as slow feeders and stand up to the elements- these bags fit the bill on all counts. Very high quality all around!”
Kelly Keeney
“As a veterinarian I am aware of the challenges that arise when a horse needs a modified or restricted diet. There are different conditions with horses that require frequent, controlled meals and/or soaked hay that can be challenging to manage and people struggle with the increased work load. To have a hay net designed to withstand soaking and serving wet hay in is a great tool! Being able to set an automatic feeder to deliver small, frequent meals throughout the entire day and night can be a complete game changer for owners.”
Charlotte Obermeier
“I love these hay bags! They are the slowest slow feeders I’ve found and their unique design make them great for the horses to work at getting hay out them. Almost like grazing!”
Brooke Groskopf