Feed your horse more often while saving time!

The Perfect Hay Feeder is a single serving, automatic, solar powered hay dispenser. Each feeder replaces trips to the barn, saving you time and money. An internal high capacity battery pack provides reliable feedings at night as well as on cloudy days. Mounts easily on most fences, or put it anywhere on two T-posts. The Hay Feeder is great for any kind of horse care environment, whether it is on a track system or in a single run at a boarding facility!

To use the feeder, simply pull out the tray and load it. It can be loaded with up to 15 lbs of loose hay, The Perfect Hay Net, or any feed of your choice. The tray automatically locks in the ready position when closed. Program feeding times in advance on your phone with the free Bluetooth app. At the scheduled release time the tray tilts forward, allowing the feed to be easily accessible for your horse through the chute.

The Perfect Hay Feeder